Man talks trash, squares off with officers


A man on Monday afternoon decided that he really really didn’t feel like going to jail, but he ended up going anyway.

A 911 call came in from a convenience store clerk about a man shoplifting one Bud Light and two bags of peanuts. The clerk offered a description of the man, as well as the white Chevrolet Malibu that he was driving, according to an incident report.

An officer then spotted both a man and a vehicle matching the descriptions on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and phoned the cashier, who said that the store indeed wished to press charges. A second officer arrived, and the man was told to “put his hands behind his back.”

The man was ultimately identified as Kenneth Dale Roberson, 49. Added the incident report: “At that point in time Mr. Roberson became aggressive and combative. Mr. Roberson stated, ‘Let’s do it, I ain’t going no God (expletive) where.’ He quickly got up and took a fighting stance. At that time, I drew my taser and commanded him to calm down. Mr. Roberson walked onto West Martin Luther King Jr Dr and kept walking away from Officer Borders and me.”

The incident report continued: “We tried for approximately four (4) minutes and forty-five (45) seconds, to calm him down and were unsuccessful. In the time frame of the 4 minutes and 45 seconds of trying to calm down the suspect, Mr. Roberson pushed Officer Borders and slapped the taser while in my hand, deploying the prongs. At that point in time, due to not having a secondary cartridge available for the taser, my reaction was to draw my firearm.

“After drawing my firearm, I detached the cartridge from my taser in attempt to holster it. Once my taser was holstered, I saw Mr. Roberson’s demeaner continued to be combative, and non-cooperative. I then decided to holster my firearm and go hands on with the suspect.”

Roberson then was “brought to the ground” and eventually handcuffed. Two officers were scraped up but declined medial attention, added the incident report.”

Roberson was charged with two counts of obstruction of an officer and one count of shoplifting.

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