Local man documents flood damage on epic homespun-y Youtube channel


Following more than three inches of rain this week, Milledgeville man and homespun-y Youtuber Ed Kirkpatrick decided to get out and document the aftermath, and the videos are pretty epic.

The first video was recorded yesterday, and it's filmed from the east side of the tailrace at Sinclair Dam. Georgia Power opened four floodgates on Tuesday evening after substantial rain. The 4H station in Putnam County received .283 inches of rain on Tuesday and another .85 inches yesterday. All of that rain in Putnam County had to go somewhere, naturally, and much of it ended up in Lake Sinclair. 

"They are cuttin' the water loose," says Ed. "Yep, and it's pretty rough!" 

Also in this video is Ed's buddy, Roger, who jokes about putting his kayak in the water and "catchin' some fish."

Pictured above is Ed's buddy, Roger!

Roger: "I think them fish might be bitin' in there."

Ed: "Naw. Them fish all down by Dublin by now."

Ed's video of the tailrace can be viewed immediately below...

<!-- EMBEDDED YOUTU.BE URL: https://youtu.be/kCdtLetTXwA -->

Next up is a video from the Oconee River Greenway, which is prone to flooding and built to withstand flooding and built to last. Ed describes his current situation as "a mess" and "a pickle," ending the video with his signature "I'll get back with you later."

Ed's video of the Greenway can be viewed immediately below...

<!-- EMBEDDED YOUTU.BE URL: https://youtu.be/klGmPircgFw -->

The videos then take a much more somber tone, however, as Ed drives out to his land and discovers that his treehouse is completely flooded and underwater.

Ed says that this is the worst rain he can ever remember at his property and similar to the "Flood in 1976."

"I'm afraid we're gonna lose the old tree house. Dog gonnit."

Ed regroups and decides to have a positive attitude, however, because that's just how Ed rolls, and he points out that "the birds do sound nice today, though. It's a pretty day, other than all of this dad gum water."

Ed's video of his treehouse that you can't see can be viewed immediately below...

<!-- EMBEDDED YOUTU.BE URL: https://youtu.be/wC0gikKeSso -->

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