Facebook post about Oak Hill bullying apparently resonates


Not knowing what else to do, the parent of an autistic Oak Hill Middle student sounded off on Facebook around lunchtime Monday. Within 24 hours, the post had almost 1,000 interactions and more than 350 comments.

The post, which appeared on the supersized Milledgeville Roadblock Warnings Facebook page, detailed the parent's frustrations with administrators and the bullying that her child has experienced. Also posted were two pics of choke marks around the child's neck.

The parent's post apparently resonated with a number of Oak Hill Middle parents, past and present. Here is a sampling:

My son went through the same thing at oak hill. One kid pushed him on the stairs and my son hit his head so hard it took them 15 mins to get him to come to. 911 didn’t get called even with him being unconscious for 15 mins. He started having suicidal thoughts as well.

My son experienced this as well. Severely. To the point that he REFUSED to get out of the vehicle.

There were problems with Oak Hill school since back in the early 2000. Not anyone does anything about what goes in that school I had a grandson the beat up by 3 juveniles and left laying in the bathroom.My grandson was more like a nerd in those days and got bullied the whole time he was in that school.

Both of my children (who are not autistic) also had serious issues at Oak Hill. I stayed at that school, day in, and day out, and nothing ever got solved. I was so glad when they finally left.

I pulled my terminal kid out of that school for the same reason

Having same problem with my son and can't get in touch with no one and when you do they handling other was also suspended for protecting him self.

Star Shaw isn't surprised. She experienced something similar several years ago, when her son attended Oak Hill. Shaw really immersed herself in the process, and by this point she's sort of a resident expert. By the time she managed to score an in-person meeting with a number of administrators in the Baldwin County School District, she'd amassed two different three-ring binders full of documentation.

"Document. Document. Document. That'd be my main advice to parents," Shaw told Baldwin 2k. "Immediately take pictures of all visible injuries, bruises and scratch marks. Also, email. Email is very important, because it's documented. Start with your child's teacher and work your way up."

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Shaw also said that decorum is very important. 

"You have to be professional when you go to the school and meet with these people. I know that the 'momma bear' wants to come out, but you can't be screaming and cussing. The last thing you want is a Sheriff's (Office) incident report that you were at the school cussing and screaming. You won't get very far after that."

If all else fails, according to Shaw, contact the Georgia Department of Education. 

Shaw's son, for the record, is doing much better. She enrolled him in self-defense classes at Milledgeville Academy for Mixed Martial Arts, and one day at school her son fought back "using the minimal force necessary that he was taught."

Still, however, it's perhaps regrettable that the situation ever got to that point, where a parent felt the need to enroll her middle schooler in self-defense classes..

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