Tense moment at northside poolroom captured on video. What happened?


Blue lights lit up the Big Lots shopping center shortly before midnight Friday, after a man reportedly accosted a woman inside of the new poolroom before the incident spilled outside.

The situation then went from bad to worse, as the man pulled a gun on one of the poolroom owners before leading cops on a chase up North Columbia Street, according to investigators.

When it was all said and done, Ralph Lewis Walker, 58, was handcuffed at gunpoint in front of a family member's home in the Horton Homes/Long Leaf Trail subdivision and transported to the county jail. He's being charged with aggravated assault, battery and failure to maintain lane.

Evidence shows that Walker entered the building and approached the bar inside of Columbia Pub & Billiards, where a woman was sitting, according to Maj. Linc Boyer with the Milledgeville Police Department. Witnesses indicated that Walker began asking the woman "why she was there" before striking the woman, added Boyer. A drink was thrown, and the incident then continued outside of the front door.

At this point, a video post on the mega-sized Milledgeville Roadblock Warning Facebook group shows the woman rearing back and attempting to strike Walker, who then moves in and grabs her. One of the business owners then approaches Walker and attempts to calm him down. The video shows Walker pulling what appears to be a handgun out of his right shorts pocket and holding it by his side. 

The first officer responded shortly after Walker took off. A BOLO was issued for a white Honda sedan, and an officer situated near Walmart quickly spotted a vehicle matching the description. A chase ensued, and Walker made a right onto Long Leaf Trail and a left onto Quail Place. He then pulled into a driveway and was met in the yard by the officer, who held Walker and gun point. 

The gun from the video was not recovered, and Walker indicated to officers that he "threw it out during the chase," added Boyer. 

Friday night marked the second gun/aggravaged assault incident at Columbia Pub & Billiards in the last 60 days. In mid-April, gunfire broke out inside the establishment and four people were shot, two critically. Eventually arrested were George Washington, 34, and Marquis Whipple, 29. They are the accused shooters and also the two people who were shot critically. Each eventually recovered and was booked and arrested. 

Washington and Whipple are accused of pulling out guns on each other at close range following a dispute and shooting each other. Two other people also were shot in the crossfire.

Columbia Pubs & Billiards opened earlier this year.

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