Already out on bond for murder, man facing new charges stemming from Riverbend shooting


Netobia Williams, 17, was arrested and charged with murder last December. 

He then spent roughly three months in the county jail on Old Monticello Road before being released on a $150,000 property bond.

Now, Williams is back in trouble again and facing two aggravated assault charges following a late-night shootout in the Riverbend apartments earlier this month. The shootout, which occurred on July 7, resulted in three people being shot, one of whom was Williams. Williams originally was listed in critical condition and is still recovering, which is why he hasn't been arrested and formally booked, to date. 

Williams and one of his friends came to Riverbend to confront a pair of other men, according to investigators, and multiple people began firing. 

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Another of the men shot that night, Jakobe Brown, also was out on bond following a previous shooting.  Brown, 19, was arrested last November and charged with aggravated assault last November after a "rolling shootout" that took place on Swint Avenue and past the Central State Hospital pecan grove, where Georgia College & State University was hosing a Parents' Weekend event. Brown later bonded out.

Another man involved in the "rolling shootout" past the  pecan grove, Kibias Mosley, later released a music video titled "3 Months Later," where he brags about only spending several months in the Baldwin County jail before being released.


"Fresh outta the county (jail), and I'm back on the streets. They thought I was gonna be gone, but I only did 14 weeks," raps Mosley.

Baldwin2k News earlier this week spoke with District Attorney T. Wright Barksdale on a number of topics, including gang violence and repeat offenders. Barksdale terminated one of the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit's assistant district attorney's following the Riverbend shooting, and he discussed other ways in which procedures are being "shored up" around the District Attorney's Office.

For that article, check back tomorrow with Baldwin2k.

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