Pair of public indecency arrests recorded


A pair of public indecency arrests was recorded on the same day earlier this month.

The second one was more of a garden variety public indecency arrest, while the first one was way more serious.

The second one occurred after officers responded to an apartment in the 1100 block of North Wayne Street near Huley Park “in reference to a male subject exposing himself.” Officers arrived and spotted and man sitting “on the porch of his residence…completely exposed.” The man ultimately identified himself as Marco Renfroe, 47.

Apparently an aspiring nudist and nudist advocate, Renfroe “told us he didn’t understand why he couldn’t be nude on his porch” and that it was “his property,” according to an officer’s incident report narrative.

Added the narrative: “We explained that once you exit your residence you no longer have an expectation of privacy and being nude in public was in fact against the law. He said okay and he would keep his clothes on.”

Renfroe was booked and charged with public indecency and issued a $500 bond. It was only the second time that Renfroe had ever been booked at the county jail, the other coming in 2003 on a driving with a suspended license charge.


Shortly after midnight last Friday morning, meanwhile, a woman who was walking her dog reportedly was attacked and punched by a naked man in the Courtyard Apartments on North Jefferson Street. That man – Terry-Wes Gage Baxley, 18 – was charged with four counts of public indecency, two counts of battery, one count of felony obstruction of an officer, one count of misdemeanor obstruction of an officer, as well as one count of criminal trespass. Bond was denied.

Officers responded and first made contact with a man, who said that he was hanging out with his girlfriend in her apartment when a naked man, Baxley, opened the door and walked inside. The man said that he then punched Baxley and “Baxley went back over to his apartment,” according to the narrative. Shortly after, the man told officers that he heard a woman screaming for help.


The man said that he looked outside and “saw Baxley throw (the victim) at the mailboxes” before yelling that “he was on shrooms.”

Officers then interviewed the victim. According to the incident report: “(The victim) stated she was walking her dog at approximately (midnight). (The victim) stated Terry Baxley approached her from the parking lot completely naked. She was trying to get away from Baxley however Baxley kept getting closer to her. (The victim) stated as Baxley got closer, he began ‘stroking his penis.’ (The victim) stated as was preparing to enter her apartment, Baxley attacked her and tried to drag her upstairs. (The victim) stated she discharged her flashlight taser by pressing it against his chest. (The victim) stated Baxley let her go and then punched her in her mouth. (The victim) stated after Baxley punched her in the mouth, Baxley walked away from her and started to approach her dog."

The neighbor then tackled Baxley and held him down, added the incident report.

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