Southside McDonald's employees served – with warrants


The Milledgeville Police Department responded to the southside McDonald's around 6 p.m. Monday in reference to "a bunch of people in the parking lot fighting and tasers." 

All of the participants were gone by the time that officers arrived, according to the incident report, and a restaurant manager showed an officer security footage of the incident. The two employees – identified as Chicoby Durden and Tri'Nysia Ikeah Parham – initially are seen "getting into a verbal altercation" in the video. 

The altercation then moves into the lobby, where Parham switches her style up and "throws two drinks at Durden." This leads to a "physical altercation," while "other employees attempt to hold and separate them."


The skirmish then spilled outside, but unfortunately there was no video footage in that part of the parking lot.

A fighting/affray warrant was issued for each of the employees.

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