Local lady falls for faux Sheriff's Office scam, duped out of 2,500 bucks


A Milledgeville woman recently was duped out of $2,500 as part of a relatively widespread scam that's ongoing around Milledgeville-Baldwin County.

A man identifying himself as "Sgt. Noland Davis" with the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office first called the woman and "advised her she was in contempt of court, stating she now has a warrant with a $2500.00 bond," according to an incident report.

Added the report:(The victim) attempted to give Davis her debit card number, when the card declined the Davis subject advised her to go to the store and purchase multiple Green Dot Money packages in the amounts adding to a total of $2500.00. The total amount (the victim) spent was $2529.75 in Green Dot Money packages."

The scam has been going on for several weeks now, and the BCSO previously posted a heads up on its Facebook page...

Meanwhile, another local woman recently shared her experience with the same scam on the supersized Milledgeville Roadblock Warnings Facebook page. Fortunately, after roughly 45 minutes, she was realized that she was being conned and didn't lose any money.

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According to the post, "Heads up, a man called me today and identified himself as Sgt Noah Davis with the Baldwin County Sherriff’s office. He went on to tell me I was in contempt of court for not showing up as an expert witness on a court case and had 2 citations now against me. This went on for 40 minutes. He gave me citation numbers, used a local judges name and a lot of legal terminology. Then he wanted me to pay $2500 for each offense for a “surety bond“, which I could do through Zelle or venmo. He told me that if I contacted anyone I would be considered in obstruction and be immediately arrested. I questioned him being a legit officer and he called me on another line from the sherriff’s office phone number!!! I eventually hung up and called the sheriff’s office and IT IS A SCAM!!"

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