Local 48 Hours episode debuting; Lillard gives interview from behind bars


Milledgeville's "trial of the century" will be introduced to a national audience this weekend, as CBS' "The Strange Death of Professor Shockley" premieres on Saturday night at 10.

The episode will show never-before-seen body cam footage from the night of the incident. Also included is a prison interview with Lillard, who is breaking his silence. Lillard did not testify in his own murder trial, which ended with a "not guilty on all counts" verdict. Lillard gets pretty religious and ecclesiastical in the interview, making multiple references to the Bible and themes from the Bible. 

For a refresher on the trial, below are some links to past Baldwin2K articles:


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Also interviewed is Carson Lillard, who is Marcus' son. Lillard remains adamant that his father killed Marianne Shockley.

"I just knew that Marcus had killed her," Lillard says in the episode. "He's angry, and he's violent."

Among the other interviewees are Sheriff Bill Massee and Steve McDade, the now-retired deputy who was the first to respond to the scene.

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Lillard remains behind bars at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center's facility over in Forsyth, with is a minimal-security detention center. On his Department of Corrections page, Lillard's "max possible release date" is listed as Oct. 15, 2030, although there's a relatively high probability that he'll be released much sooner rather than later. Judge Alison T. Burleson revoked Lillard's probation at the end of his trial, a probation that stems from a drug trafficking arrest back in 2015.

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