Conversation at Oak Hill lunch table morphs into much more


Some things these days, you just can't say.

One Oak Hill Middle School student is learning that the hard way this afternoon.

"From what our school resource officer has relayed to us, the student said that he was joking at the lunch table with his friends about 'shooting up the school' and that he never thought (any of his friends) would take it seriously," Maj. Scott Deason with the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office told Baldwin2k News.

One of the student's friends did take it seriously, however, and proceeded to call their mother. Within 90 minutes, parents were up at Oak Hill checking out their children, while "school shooting threat at Oak Hill" was lighting up group texts and social media.

The subsequent investigation was handled internally by the school resource officer and Oak Hill administrators, and the Sheriff's Office never dispatched any deputies to the school in response.

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