City cops respond to "rolling domestic" in Sonic parking lot


Two people were grabbing some dinner from Sonic Drive-In earlier this month when they spotted a man in another vehicle "grabbing a the hair and slamming her into the window." The man, later identified as Ryan Christopher Day, was in the passenger seat, while his girlfriend was driving. 

The girlfriend/victim and Day then left the Sonic parking lot in her blue pickup truck, and the good samaritans followed and called 911. The girlfriend/victim began "driving recklessly due to getting attacked by Day," according to the incident report. The truck eventually pulled into the Town & Country Shopping Center on the southside, and the Milledgeville Police Department moved in. 


Day didn't go down easily, however. The incident report made five references to "kicking" and two references to "spitting." Day, according to the incident report, also made numerous threats to officers and jailers during the incident, including:

• "Let me out of these (expletive) handcuffs and I'm gonna hurt him"

• "I'm gonna beat your (expletive), get off of me"

• "I'm fixing to beat him"

• "I'm gonna get you (expletive) (expletive)"

• "I'm gonna break your (expletive) face"

• "I'll cut your (expletive) (expletive)"


Day ultimately was charged with four counts of obstruction of an officer, four counts of terroristic threats and acts, three counts of reckless conduct, as well as one count each of simple battery and false statements.

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