Garbage truck driver has really bad day at work


Image courtesy of Google Earth

Not every day at work can be the best day at work ever.

A garbage truck driver recently found this out the hard way after taking out an overhead utility line near the intersection of Dunlap Road and Nathaniel Drive, leading to one heck of a chain reaction.

The severed utility line subsequently whiplashed a Chevrolet Corvette, two mailboxes and a street sign on Dunlap Road. The severed line caused roughly $1,000 worth of damage to the Corvette, took out both mail boxes and sent the "SHARP CURVE" road sign into someone's yard, according to the incident report.

The accident began when the driver's pile of trash/collections "extended over the top" of the truck's container, causing contact with a Windstream line overhead. The value of the damaged fiber optic cable lines was placed at $15,000.

The incident occurred around 3 o'clock in the afternoon last Thursday.


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