Woman, man resist arrest in separate incidents


Local law enforcement recently dealt with a pair of dicey arrests, including a woman who really didn't want to go jail, accused of driving into a telephone pole and walking out into a cow pasture before kicking, biting, scratching and threatening to kill a deputy and his family.

The incident occurred around 4 in the morning on Dec. 6, when a deputy responded to a call of a vehicle accident near the Sandersville Highway/Kings Road intersection. The deputy located a white Ford Fusion that'd collided with a utility pole, according to an incident report. The deputy then heard the sound of a woman's voice way out in a cow pasture. The deputy followed the sound of the voice and spotted a woman talking on the phone.

The woman, ultimately identified as Amber Dawn Fortner, 31, was asked if she "was hurt and she replied 'no, of course I'm not!" Fortner then told the deputy that she "did not trust law enforcement" and began ignoring the deputy while she was on the phone, standing in the middle of a cow pasture.

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Another deputy responded, but Fortner decided that she didn't like the other deputy either, "becoming extremely uncooperative and irate." Paramedics then arrived, but Fortner wouldn't listen to them either. 

Eventually, the two deputies tried to pick Fortner off the ground, according to the incident report, but "she began to resist." That's when things really got dicey. Fortner still wouldn't stand up, added the report, kicking a deputy in the hand. The first deputy then attempted to scoop Fortner up, and on the way to the patrol car, Fortner "tried to kick and bite" the deputy who was holding her. Once in the car, Fortner told one of the deputies that "she was going to kill him and his family," added the incident report.

A plot twist then occurred when Fortner, listed at 5-foot-2 and 89 pounds, "slipped out of the handcuffs" and decided to do some more kicking. Once re-cuffed, Fortner "continued to yell and bang her head against the partition."

Upon finally arriving at the county jail, Fortner scratched a jailer and drew blood, added the incident report, before she was strapped down to a restraint chair. 

Fortner ultimately was charged with two counts of felony obstruction of an officer, as well as one count each of DUI, terroristic threats and obstruction of an officer – use of threats of violence. 

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Meanwhile, the Milledgeville Police Department recently responded to "a male urinating on the side of the road" in the 1500 block of North Columbia Street, near the Ollie's/Harbor Freight shopping center. The man was still "putting his pants on" when officers arrived, according to an incident report. 

The officer asked Gradonis Farley what he was doing and "Farley stated 'I just got done taking a piss." Farley, listed with a Putnam County address, then "appeared to be irate" and "would not answer any questions." Farley was instructed that he was under arrest for public indecency and "began to resist arrest." The officers then took him to the ground and attempted to put the cuffs on. The officers eventually succeed. Farley also "refused to comply while walking to a patrol car."

He ultimately was charged with three misdemeanor counts of obstruction of an officer and once count of public indecency.

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