Kroger bomb threat dork using the "in-house walkie talkie system"


For the third time in six days, Kroger was cleared out on Wednesday morning following a bomb threat.

The perimeter was secured, and a bomb dog was called in. There's not a law enforcement bomb dog in Baldwin County, so local law enforcement has to hope that the bomb dog in either Jones County or Bibb County is available. The process of checking the store is relatively lengthy, as the bomb dog basically starts in the produce section and sniffs up and down every aisle before also checking out the upstairs office and the back of the building.

Maj. Scott Deason said that, at some point, the perpetrator figured out how to "access the grocery store's in-house walkie talkie channel" to make the bomb threats, as opposed to the more traditional and garden variety way of calling 911.

Baldwin2k News then asked Deason why Kroger doesn't just change the frequency on its walkie talkies or stop using walkie talkies altogether for a few days.

"I have asked a manger those same questions and didn't really get an answer," Deason said.

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