"Warming station" opening inside Freedom Church Friday morning


Per usual, Freedom Church is  stepping up to assist the vulnerable, this time opening its doors on Friday morning as a "warming station."

The doors will open at 7 a.m. Friday, according to Wayne Johnson, Baldwin County EMA director.

Also, all Baldwin County Fire Rescue stations will be open for anyone needing to get out of the cold.

Sheriff Bill Massee encouraged everyone around Baldwin County to look out for each other and check on anyone who could be impacted.

"It's going to be a terribly cold few days. Please help spread the word that there are places to go for people who need somewhere to go," he said.

During the day on Friday, the temperature is expected to drop at an accelerated rate, and by Friday night and early Saturday morning the results could be dangerous and potentially life-threatening.

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Based on Friday night's projected temperature and wind speeds, the wind chill in this part of Georgia literally could reach zero, with an outside chance of crossing into negative numbers.

So, what all is needed to achieve a wind chill of zero and/or a negative number? Well, based on the National Weather Service's wind chill formula, the one that's been in place since 2001, a temperature of 15 degrees and a wind speed of 15 miles per hour equal zero, in terms of the wind chill factor.

If the temperature gets any cooler than that and the wind blows any harder than that, the wind chill then crosses over into the negative numbers.

Freedom Church is located on Underwood Road, south of Georgia Military College and off of South Elbert Street.

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