Milledgeville mom falls for Taylor Swift concert ticket scam


Scammers often prey on people who are most desperate, and with so many little girls out there asking for Taylor Swift concert tickets for Christmas, a lot of parents are feeling pretty desperate this month.

A local mom recently fell victim to a Taylor Swift concert ticket scam on Facebook Marketplace, to the tune of $1,400. The woman relayed to officers that a person who identified themself as "Rylee Moore" was advertising tickets for sale, and she responded to "Rylee Moore." Red flags should've gone off when Rylee Moore asked the mom to send money through Zelle to three different Zelle accounts. 


The tickets never showed up on the mom's Ticketmaster account, and the victim became concerned, messaging Rylee Moore over and over before finally realizing that Rylee Moore actually was some man named Nicholas, or at least that the name associated with the tickets. 

Three days later, the victim received a message from someone else saying that they "got scammed by Rylee too."

The nosebleediest seats inside Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium for Swift's concerts in Atlanta in late April are selling for $400 on the secondary market, while floor seats start at $1,200.

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