Man reportedly saves up all his used toilet paper for neighbor's driveway


Cops these days view doorbell security videos of all sorts of sordid things.

What one deputy saw on Sunday afternoon, however, was one for the history books. It began after a woman on Stuart Circle called 911 and reported that her neighbor dumped a bag of trash in her driveway, captured on her doorbell security camera. It wasn't your garden variety bag of trash, but rather "used toilet paper with fecal matter," according to the incident report.

Added the incident report: "The video showed a heavy-set balding black male, walk to her driveway with a trash-bag, and dump the pile of used tissue onto the ground." The woman identified the man in the video as Erick Stephens, her neighbor.


The deputy then walked to Stephens' home, and he apparently knew that he was caught brown handed, "vaulting off the porch and starting to flee on foot." Stephens then ran "through a fence" and then over another one, hoofing it towards Lee Drive. His pace slowed, however, and the deputy tackled him in the front yard of 125 Lee Drive. "After a brief struggle," Stephens was handcuffed. 

The deputy then discovered that Stephens, 46, already had an active warrant for false report of a crime. Stephens previously told officers that the Discount Tobacco store owner “pointed a gun at him and threatened to shoot him” and accused him of always attempting to shoplift inside of the store. An officer later reviewed store security footage, which revealed that “no weapons were involved and (the store owner) never chased him out of the store.” 

New charges of littering, criminal trespass and obstruction of an officer were added.

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