22/24 roundabout project back, Department of Transportation moving forward


A "letter of support" generally is required from a local county commission before the Georgia Department of Transportation moves forward with a project in that respective county.

Obviously, "generally" doesn't mean always.

The DOT is now moving forward with a new three-legged roundabout project at the corner of Ga. 22 and Ga. 24 across the river. A rendering of the proposed roundabout was released in November 2021. The "center island" is slated to be 150 feet in diameter and include raised landscaping, which is required by the DOT as a visual indicator to motorists to slow down. The roundabout also is slated include "multi purpose paths" for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as three rumble strips.


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The county commission last summer voted on whether or not to issue a "letter of support" for the project, with only Commissioner Henry Craig voting in favor. Commissioners Sammy Hall and Emily Davis led the charges against the roundabout, and their primary concern was the roughly $3,000 per year needed to provide lighting for the roundabout, a cost that would fall on the county. The commissioners then sent a letter to the DOT asking if solar lighting would be an option. Somewhat surprisingly, the DOT came back and said "yes," which apparently was good enough for Hall and Davis.

The Ga. 22/Ga. 24 roundabout is much larger in size and scope than the recently-completed Kings Road/Stembridge Road roundabout. County commissioners first heard some of the "conceptual" details at a meeting roughly 15 months ago. Jonathan Dechko, an engineering consultant, said that multiple features of the intersection currently are "substandard," including the "viewing angles," "approach angles" and "poor visibility."

The DOT has promised to cover the entirety of the $4.1 million construction cost, or at least that was the original estimate, and the only cost for the county government would be landscaping.

Construction is expected to begin in either 2024 or 2025.

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