Milledgeville native's lost dog story goes viral


It all started when Trey Specht and his English bulldog named Ronnie were hanging out on Monday and riding around after work.

Specht, a Milledgeville native, parked his car in the CVS parking lot in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, where he now lives, and Specht went inside for a few things. When he came back out, both his car and his dog were gone.

Specht wasn't worried nearly as much about his Mercedes as he was his dog.


Specht, who's made a nice living as an automotive salesman in Atlanta, immediately put up MISSING DOG posters, complete with a $3,500 reward. Specht was able to use the GPS system on the Mercedes to track the location, which ultimately was found crashed into a telephone pole.

The cops arrived at the scene. Still no Ronnie.


It turns out, however, that Ronnie was safe and chilling the whole time. Ronnie was taken in by a lady named Betty Wilson in an apartment complex in another part of Atlanta. Wilson got in touch with Specht, and Specht drove to the apartment complex, where man and dog were reunited.

Wrote Specht on his Facebook page:

IT WORKED!!!! Ronnie is now the 2nd most popular bulldog in Georgia no doubt! I can’t even find words to explain how I feel currently.

Ronnie was saved by the sweetest lady Betty Wilson! She called him “Big Boy” and just loved him to pieces. Mrs. Betty Wilson doesn’t have Facebook or anything although she knew “Big Boy” was someone’s baby. She treated him like he was her own. Mrs. Betty’s chihuahua was the boss between the two dogs but Ronnie seemed happy. I’m forever thankful for this sweet lady.

It was not a lie when someone said “it takes a village to raise a child! There is no way I would be sitting here with “Big Boy” right now without my village…

I prayed Ronnie would find someone like Mrs. Betty until I could track him down. “Mrs. Betty’s” are few and far between so Ronnie and I got lucky. We are so appreciative of everyone for the unconditional support and love. Ronnie and I love each and every one of you!


The news media, including Baldwin2k, loves a good dog story with a happy ending and pounced on the story, just because people love reading about that kind of stuff, as evidenced by all of the stories below:

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