Man accused of violently assaulting his sister and taking her tax refund


Two people are now behind bars following a violent home invasion in the 630 block of West Franklin Street, which is a set of duplexes across the street from the Centennial Center and near the railroad tracks.

The accused are Wayne Grant, Jr., 33, and his girlfriend – Lachandra Layette Bolston, 44.

Lachandra Bolston

The two are accused of barging into the apartment in the middle of the night and assaulting and threatening two occupants of the home, a male victim and a female victim. The female victim is Grant's sister, according to the incident report. In the process, Grant is accused of punching one of his sister's teeth out and causing her to bleed profusely. 

Grant and Bolston actually attended a birthday party at the same residence for the female victim's child earlier in the day, and they even helped with the food and the grill, according to the incident report. 

At some point, a conversation was struck up about income tax returns, which is when Grant and Bolston apparently learned that the female victim recently cashed her $2,000 check. Grant and Bolston eventually left the birthday party and then returned around 3 o'clock in the morning.

Added the report: "(Female victim) advised while she was inside with (male victim), Grant kicked her front door open, causing damage to the door and door frame. (Female victim) stated Grant came inside, pushed her on the ground and began hitting her in the face with closed fists causing her tooth to be knocked out. (Female victim) stated Grant and Bolston were fighting with her over her purse, (Female victim) advised they took $2,000 cash, from her purse while she was holding it by the shoulder strap. 

"(Female victim) stated Grant and Bolston knew she had the money because they knew everyone received their tax refunds. (Female victim) advised when Bolston started fighting with her she pulled her wig off. (Female victim) stated Bolston and Grant were successful in stealing the cash from her purse and her gray wallet with hearts on it."


After that, according to the female victim, Grant pulled out a silver-handled handgun and threatened to kill both if they called the cops.

The male victim relayed a very similar story to officers, while a neighbor's Ring doorbell camera was reviewed, which showed Grant and Bolston arriving and leaving in the same timeframe. The neighbor also reported hearing shouting from the residence.

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