Rough railroad crossing finally remedied


When the CSX railroad corporation finally smoothed and repaired the tracks over North Jefferson Street last November, Milledgeville motorists assumed that the navigational nightmare was over.

As it turns out, however, the bumpy tracks weren't the only issue, and the stretch of road leading up to the tracks was extra rough and in serious need of repairs. That finally happened earlier this week, as City maintenance crews patched over the most egregious cracks and bumps in the road, making thus making for a much smoother ride.

It wasn't a complete resurfacing job, but at this point people will probably take what they can get.

In recent years, perhaps no other inanimate object in Baldwin County has gotten cussed out more often than the North Jefferson Street railroad tracks. People have been complaining about the crossing for quite a while. The last train carrying scrap headed out of Georgia Power's Plant Branch and crossed over the North Jefferson Street railroad tracks years ago. When the power plant closed, the tracks essentially closed, too.


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City Hall spent several years trying to prod and persuade CSX to do something with the track. The city manager wrote letters. The city attorney wrote letters, and the Milledgeville Police Department wrote letters.

Then, on Nov. 7, 2022, a CSX repair crew came in and smoothed and repaired the North Jefferson tracks, as well as the retired tracks over Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, North Wayne Street near Fowler Flemister Concrete, as well as Orchard Hill Road near the Boddie projects.


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