Same house shot up for the fifth time in the last two-and-a-half years


It's something that most people think would never happen in a small town, and it's something that shouldn't ever happen in a small town.

Nevertheless, another drive-by shooting was reported on Monday night at the same house in the 200 block of Pennington Drive, marking the fifth time since 2021 that the residence has been the target of a drive-by shooting.

The police reports are always the same. None of the residents saw anything or anybody, while investigators had a hard time figuring out which bullet holes were new and which were old. According to the most recent report, filed this morning, "(the homeowner) stated there did not appear to be any new holes in the home. (The homeowner) stated she just got off work...and was not sure if anyone was at her house at the time officers were dispatched."

Roughly two dozen shell casings were recovered from the area, some from a 9 millimeter and some from a .380.

Added the incident report: "Officers discovered more shell casings and broken glass in the driveway. Around the time of the initial call, another call came out stating they saw a black Honda pull into Johnnie McDade Grocery with guns, then leave the area."

By this point, Milledeville Police Department Chief Dray Swicord said that "there are pretty much bullet holes everywhere – the front of house, the side of the house and even the roof."

"It's incredibly frustrating, and it's strictly gang-related," the chief added. "I don't know when people will wake up, or if they ever will. How much is this community supposed to tolerate?"

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Pennington Road is located off of the Vinson Highway and near the old Southside Elementary School.

Incredibly, the home in the 200 block of Pennington Road isn't the only southside property that's been shot up at least a half-dozen times. A property in the 100 block of Barnes Avenue, located on the other side of the Vinson Highway, also is pushing double digit drive-by shootings, and it's also in the running for the gold medal at the drive-by Olympics.

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