BCSD teachers get the school year started off right


Convocations, marking the beginning of a new school year, have been a relatively big deal at colleges and universities for quite a while, full of pomp, circumstance and speeches.

Perhaps the most famous (and nerdy) convocation speech of all time actually happened here in the state of Georgia back in 2014...

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Meanwhile, public school districts increasingly have adopted the concept, with public school convocations seemingly growing larger and more elaborate with each passing year. While college and university convocations often focus on welcoming new freshmen to campus, public school convocations more closely mimic a pep rally for teachers. The Houston County School District gave away a new car to one teacher at its convocaiton earlier this week.

The Baldwin County School District held its 2023-2024 convocation on Tuesday. Author and motivational speaker Willie Spears was the keynote speaker...

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According to a BCSD press release, the "start of a new school year is always an exciting time, especially for educators who return with enthusiasm and dedication to shape the minds of the future. In Baldwin County, this enthusiasm was palpable at our 2023 Convocation, on Wednesday, July 25th, a special event that welcomes back all the teachers to the district. A bevy of noteworthy speakers addressed the crowd, including Baldwin County Board of Commissioners Chair Emily Davis, Mayor Mary Parham-Copelan, Colonel Floyd Griffin, Board of Education Chair Gloria Wicker, Baldwin High School Graduate Braylen Howell, and Superintendent Dr. Noris Price. This year's Convocation was nothing short of extraordinary, with a full breakfast, prizes, and the highly anticipated announcement of the School Teachers of the Year."

Pictured directly above is Mayor Mary Parham-Copelan // Photos courtesy of the Baldwin County School District.

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