BALDWIN2K RESTAURANT REVIEW: the Milledgeville WNB Factory


Human beings typically like reading about food, so here's an article about food, more specifically the new WNB Factory in the Big Lots shopping center.

The eatery opened in mid September...

This particular restaurant review would be considered a "carryout review," as the food wasn't consumed until 30-35 minutes after it was picked up from the restaurant.

The customer service was solid, and both front-of-the-house employees were personable and professional. They even go out of their way to staple your bag of food shut at WNB Factory.

The wings were solid and just the right size, not too small but also not giant.

Baldwin2k's WNB Factory wing size rating:

• small
• extra medium
• medium

• large
• way too big

Baldwin2k went with 30 bone-in wings ($32.99), opting for 10 "Music City Hot (spicy Nashville style), 10 "WNB ranch" and 10 "Lemon Pepper Wet." The Lemon Pepper Wet wings were tasty and had a good flavor profile, but they weren't very "wet," and they didn't leave drippings at the bottom of the box, which is essentially the heavenly au jus of chicken wings.

WNB Factory "Lemon Pepper Wet" wings // Photo by Baldwin2k News

The Nashville wings definitely were more rub-based and not exactly dripping, which was disappointing, as the essence of "Nashville hot" is grease.

The Cheesesteak Burger ($6.99) is one of the best burgers that you'll find for the price. The brioche bun was artisan-like, and the ground beef was "100 percent certified Angus beef," according to the menu. The pickles also were delicious and chef-inspired. However, the actual burger was more hockey-puck-shaped and was largely consumed by the bread and the lettuce. That was the only downside.

WHERE'S the beef?

THERE'S the beef.

If you're ordering out from WNB Factory, probably stay away from the onion rings ($6.99). They lacked any real crispiness and crunch factor. Even after thrown into the air fryer for five minutes, the rings still had no discernible crispiness and crunch. Again, however, this is a "carryout review," and maybe WNB Factory's onion rings are crispy and delicious if you're dining in and eating them fresh from the deep fryer.

The Large Beef Fried Rice ($10.99) was substantial and enough food for two average-sized people (or 1.5 large people). It was obvious that the steak in the fried rice is the same steak that they use for their cheesesteaks, which isn't a bad thing, because it's real Angus beef.

Baldwin2k had to check out the yum yum sauce, because yum yum sauce is universally loved and adored. WNB Factory's yum yum sauce had excellent consistency and was on the sweeter side, but it still worked.

Have you ever met anyone in your whole life who hated yum yum sauce?

All in all, WNB Factory is a solid addition to Milledgeville's inordinately large and saturated restaurant scene. Despite touting itself as "artisan" and "chef-inspired," the restaurant really isn't all that expensive, relative to its comps and other similar restaurant concepts.

Based on the quality of food that you get for the price, Baldwin2k News gives WNB Factory 4.5 Smiley Face Cookies out of 5.

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