What, exactly, is Georgia Power "Smart Technology?"


Thanks to smartphones, power outages aren't nearly as boring and aggravating as they used to be.

They're still no fun, however.

With this in mind, Georgia Power is upgrading its technology along Log Cabin Road and the airport area. Recently installed along one power line on Airport Road was an Automatic Recloser, not to be confused with a Flux Capacitor...

The Flux Capacitor first came out 35 years ago, and it was invented by a man in Hill Valley, California.

Automatic Reclosers, according to a Georgia Power press release, "allows the energy grid to form a self-healing network." Added the press release: "These devices can automatically segment a power line or reroute power when an outage occurs. This allows Georgia Power to restore service faster for customers and, in some cases, avoids outages altogether."

"The four-person crew safely lifted and connected a 3’ x 4’ x 2’ smart recloser equipment box, which resembled an electronic octopus, on the top section of a newly installed power pole." – Georgia Power

WMAZ/Channel 13's Jessica Cha was in town during the installation, and she wore a hard hat and everything.

"It helps us have remote access to our power lines," Georgia Power Area Manager Cassandra Cox told WMAZ. "The smart switch will actually locate and tell us where the problem is...It's a way for us to talk to the lines without having to bring out a bucket truck or a crew."

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The new Automatic Recloser will upgrade Georgia Power service for roughly 1,200 account holders in north Baldwin County.

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