Man with long criminal record turns Fall Line Freeway into a racetrack


A familiar face around the county jail turned the Fall Line Freeway into a racetrack on Sunday afternoon, leading law enforcement officers on a high-speed chase from the Wilkinson County line to across the river.

Clifford William Braxley, 32, remained hospitalized as of Wednesday after his Toyota Tacoma was taken out by a "PIT maneuver" executed by a Georgia State Patrol trooper. Braxley reached speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour, according to the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office incident report.

Added the report: "While (the trooper) positioned his vehicle next to the Tacoma, the driver of the Tacoma swerved to the left, attempting to strike (the trooper's) vehicle. (The trooper) was able to successfully perform a PIT manuever on the Tacoma just before the intersection with Stembridge Road.

State troopers take great pride in their PIT maneuvers, and it's sort of their signature move...


The chase began after Braxley, listed with an address in the Tall Oaks trailer park in Harrisburg, performed a sudden u-turn after coming up on a roadblaock near the intersection of Old Colony Farm Road and Mount Pleasant Church Road. Braxley almost wiped out while turning left onto Mount Pleasant before speeding up. Braxley then turned left on the Fall Line Freeway and through southeast Baldwin County.

After he is medically cleared, Braxley will be arrested at the Baldwin County jail for a 10th time. Past charges include criminal damage to property, disorderly conduct, obstruction of an officer, reckless conduct, simple battery, simple battery/family and, fittingly, racing. Braxley most recently spent 50 days in the county jail in 2023 after being booked for driving with suspended license, racing and probation violation. In 2022, meanwhile, he spent roughly five months in the county jail. 

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