Kroger "giving off corner store vibes"


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With a new Milledgeville Publix poised to open in several months, Kroger apparently has made a countermove – video slot machines.

A row of coin operated amusement machines (COAMs) made its debut at the Milledgeville supermarket earlier this month, similar to the ones in small "tobacco stores" and "food stores" around Milledgeville.

It happened casually and without fanfare, and the extent of Kroger's plan isn't known. The company made no announcement, and there's nothing on Kroger's press page or social media pages. Apparently, a few also have popped up around metro Atlanta, "giving off corner store vibes."


The machines in Milledgeville are located near the Starbucks and the bakery/deli. Removed were the lounge chairs previously sitting in front of the store windows.

Earlier this week, a man at the Milledgeville Kroger was all smiles, sitting at a machine and admiring his $400 balance. He was holding a large and square-shaped plastic card.

"They load (the winnings) straight onto this Visa card at the front desk," the man said. "Some stores still pay off in cash, but it doesn't really matter anymore, because you can buy anything on these cards."

Flanking the machines are several rows of pre-paid Kroger Players Cards and Georgia Lottery COAM Cards for purchase.

The General Assembly last month approved House Bill 353, according to an article from the Capitol Beat News Service. The new bill awards "non-cash redemption gift cards to winners that could be redeemed anywhere in Georgia for any legal product." Added the article: "Current law allows COAM winners to redeem their prizes only for merchandise sold in the store where the machine they played is located."

 The Kroger corporation apparently is on a gambling kick, recently installing a series of "sports betting kiosks" at stores around Ohio...


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