ELECTION DAY PREPPER: All precincts open from 7 a.m. til 7 p.m.


Tuesday is Election Day, and all precincts in Milledgeville and Baldwin County will open at 7 a.m. 

All voting on Election Day must be done at your assigned precinct. In other words, don't go to the Carrington Woods government annex to vote. The county annex is for early voting only. This has become an unfortunate phenomenon in recent election cycles.

Also, remember that this is a primary election, meaning that there's no crossover voting, and all voters must select either a Democrat ballot, a Republican ballot or a Non-Partisan ballot. For example, if you like Floyd Griffin and want to vote for Floyd Griffin in the Georgia House of Representatives race, but you also like Rick Williams and want to vote for Rick Williams in the State Senate race, you can't vote for both, because the first is a Democrat and the latter a Republican.

The Non-Partisan ballot, meanwhile, limits voters' choices and is a pretty pointless option, unless someone wishes to make some sort of far-flung statement about their dissatisfaction with both major political parties.

If you're unsure about the location of your precinct or your eligibility to vote in this election, simply log on to the Georgia Secretary of State's My Voter Page, which can be accessed by clicking here. It's really nifty and requires just a few pieces of information. It's also the place to check out your personalized sample ballots...

A pair of county commission races will be decided on Tuesday. Voters choosing a Republican ballot in District 4 will have three options – Carol Ballew, Andrew Strickland and Jay Wright. District 4 covers everything "across the river," with the exception of a largely uninhabited swath of territory along Lake Laurel Road. District 4 also encompasses the country club area, the airport area, as well as everything else "lakeside" north of Log Road east of North Columbia Street/US 441. Henry Craig, who is District 4's current county commissioner, is not seeking re-election.

Meanwhile, voters choosing a Republican ballot in District 5 also will have three options – Scott Little, Pam Peacock and incumbent Johnny Westmoreland. Although somewhat gerrymandered, District 5 can best be described as "northwest Baldwin County" or "Meriwether and 212." However, District 5 also cuts east across North Columbia Street and into the Pearl Drive/Cords Bridge neighborhood, as well as the adjacent Greystone Arbor subdivision.

With no Democrats in Districts 4 and 5 choosing to qualify in March, the winner of the Republican primary on Tuesday is assured of winning the seat.


CANDIDATE PROFILES: District 4 set to elect a brand-new county commissioner

CANDIDATE PROFILES: In District 5, Westmoreland seeking a fourth term

The aforementioned Williams has competition in the Republican primary for State Senate District 25. His name is Leland Jake Olinger, and he rarely leaves home without his signature marijuana leaf blazer...

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Olinger also ran for the seat in the 2022 GOP primary, when he received a total of 908 votes.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned Griffin has competition on the Democrat side in the House of Representatives District 149 election. Phyllis Tuft Hightower grew up in Jones County, lived here in Milledgeville for several years and then relocated to Macon, where she's lived for the last 30-something years.

Only one State Supreme Court race this year is being contested. John Barrow, who previously represented Baldwin County in Congress for several terms, is facing incumbent Andrew Pinson. 

Meanwhile, all five superior court judges in the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit are running unopposed and are assured of another term – Stephen A. Bradley, Alison T. Burleson, Terry N. Massey, Amanda S. Petty and Brenda Trammell.

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"unless someone wishes to make some sort of far-flung statement about their dissatisfaction with both major political parties" omg! YES PLEASE! There's no choices, and they will never allow an independent a fighting chance. Other countries have multiple candidates to choose from. Why don't we? Don't get me wrong I don't know **** about politics,  and I abhor the conversation, but I think Zelenskyy raised the bar by not only defending his country HIMSELF, but for having those skills with the piano! Not to mention he's not  beyond the age of retirement. 

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