New Log Cabin shopping center developers come to town


Image courtesy of Google Earth

Construction should begin in the summer of 2022 on a new shopping center at the corner of Log Cabin Road and North Columbia Street, if all goes accordingly.

The shopping center developers were in town earlier this month during the City's Planning & Zoning meeting. The P&Z committee voted unanimously to recommend re-zoning three parcels previously outside of the city limits into the city limits. The first was the 7.99 acres along North Columbia Street that sits just south of the new Elements tunnel car wash. The second is 19.6 acres on Log Cabin Road, just east of the car wash, while the third is a small residential property in the Long Leaf Trail/Horton Homes neighborhood. 

Tom Hareas, an executive with the Sembler Group, told the P&Z committee that the project is "a neighborhood, grocery-anchored commercial shopping center with restaurant and accessories uses in retail." Hareas spoke with Baldwin2K after the meeting, saying that he would be back in town next month, when the City Council votes on whether or not to formally approve the three zoning requests. Hareas said that he would have more details then, but he wanted to wait until the City Council took action before "getting ahead of ourselves." 

The "grocery-anchored tenant" is rumored to be Publix. The Sembler Group has worked with Publix on a number of other development projects in the past, and an image of a Publix grocery store is the main image on the company's website's home page.

Sembler more recently completed the North Macon Plaza shopping center off of Interstate 75 in Macon, which includes the following stores listed in the image below...

Sembler told Baldwin2K that, if all goes accordingly, construction should begin around the summer of 2022 and "take about a year to build out," which would put the best-case opening date for the shopping center around the middle of 2023.

The development group's goal is to have access into the new shopping center from both North Columbia Street and Log Cabin Road, basically the same as the Kroger shopping center, which turned 10 years old a few months ago. For more perspective on the geography of the proposed shopping center, see the screen grabs immediately below...

Outlined is the Kroger shopping center (information courtesy of the Baldwin County Tax Assessor's Office)

Outlined is the property at 111 Log Cabin Road (information courtesy of the Baldwin County Tax Assessor's Office)

Outlined is the property at 2781 North Columbia Street (information courtesy of the Baldwin County Tax Assessor's Office)

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