Fourth murder suspected arrested at southside McDonald's, fifth in Virginia


The dust is beginning to settle and the wheels of justice beginning to turn following a large deadly shootout on the southside back in November.

With three people already charged with murder and locked up in connection with the shootout, the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office recently booked two more. The BCSO and U.S. Marshals Service's Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force converged on the southside McDonald's on Dec. 29, arresting 17-year-old Netobia Kenyatta Williams without incident.

Williams was booked for one count of murder. Roughly two weeks after the shootout, Williams also was arrested and charged with false statements in connection with the case. He then spent 18 days at the county jail before being released on a $15,000 property bond. Then, 19 days later, he was re-arrested, this time for murder.

Earlier this week, meanwhile, U.S. Marshals arrested the fifth murder suspect in the Jackson case in Virginia. Julian Reeves is charged with murder and currently being extradited back to middle Georgia.

More than 50 gunshots rang out on Nov. 10 in the Southwood Mobile Home Park on the Vinson Highway, located across the street from Robin's Nest Day Care and just north of the Central State Hospital Craig building. Fatally wounded was Javon Jackson, 21.

Several men approached Jackson and an argument ensued, according to investigators. At some point, someone drew a gun, and multiple people started shooting, including the victim, according to investigators. Later arrested and charged with murder were T'andre Tramayne Alexander, 24, Devion Boyd, 17, and Garyaunte Ivey, 19.

According to investigators, most of the violence can be traced back to a murder near the Milledgeville Manor on Fathers Day weekend 2020. At the time, Ivey, one of the five current murder suspects, was walking back from the store with one of his good friends, Cuatez Ma'Had Jones, who was 15 at the time. A man then approached Ivey and Jones, and a disagreement ensued between the man and Jones. The man then shot and killed Jones and fled away.

Detectives ultimately identified the shooter as Dequanis Parks, and murder warrants were taken out. Parks was on the run for two months and hid out in Covington before he was ultimately captured by Marshals. Ivey agreed to testify against Parks and do what he perceived to be the right thing to do, which was get justice for Jones' family. 

Parks' murder trial happened at the courthouse last fall, and Ivey testified. In the end, however, the Parks' murder case ended with a hung jury, despite eyewitness testimony and other relatively strong evidence against Parks.

After that, Ivey and some of his friends were targeted by multiple drive-by shootings, most likely in retaliation for him testifying in court, according to investigators. After more back-and-forth, Ivey and the four other current murder suspects are accused of entering the Southwood Mobile Home Park on Nov. 10, and the deadly shootout ensued. 

Parks remains behind bars on other charges. Several months prior to the Fathers Day weekend murder at the The Manor, Parks also was arrested for armed robbery. Sooner rather than later, however, Parks will be released from custody, the murder charges now behind him.

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