Milledgeville, "Georgia" doing much better than Milledgeville, "Illinois" today


Somewhere in the neighborhood of 300,000 people relocate from the American Midwest to the American South each year, according to Census data. 

If you ever wondered why, look no further than a day like today. Monday's high temperature here in Milledgeville, Ga. was in the mid 60s, while the high for our Milledgeville cousins in Illinois was 9 (yes, 9 degrees), while the low temperature there tonight is expected to be –9 degrees. 

Milledgeville, Ill, for the record, is a "village" in southeast Illinois with a population of right around 1,000 people. The Milledgeville version of Illinois prides itself as a place where "one can be as busy or as quiet as one wants, according to its municipal website.

Here are some of the average highs and lows for Milledgeville, Ill., according to

  • Feb. 6 – high 33, low 11
  • March 6 – high 43, low 22
  • April 6 – high 57, low 33

Meanwhile, here are some of the average highs and lows for Milledgeville, Ga., according to

  • Feb. 6 – high 60, low 34
  • March 6 – high 67, low 40
  • April 6 – high 74, low 46

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