TOMORROW’S LEADERS TODAY: Accepted to 27 different colleges, Holland on the “fast track”


When he’s not spending his time studying for school or preparing for track and field, Garrison Holland is usually planning vacations in hope of his parent’s approval.

“I love traveling. I love planning vacations, presenting them to my parents, and hoping they’ll say yes,” he said.

The Baldwin High School senior says that he is not a homebody and loves going places, doing things with his family, and just having fun.

When asked what’s his favorite subject in school, Holland said, “I really love history. Especially black history. My grandmother would always buy me African American history books and that has become a part of my journey in life; continuing to learn as much as I can about my culture.”

Holland says he is very passionate about his future and wants to go to school for business.

“I have a plan for everything that I want to do. I know everything’s not going to go as planned, but I have a plan and I am extremely focused on my future. And when I’m passionate about something, I make sure I do it right,” he said. 

Accomplishments are a part of life for Holland, and one of his biggest accomplishments thus far is his acceptance to 27 colleges.

“I completed the applications because I wanted to have options. I haven’t chosen a college as of yet, but it’s nice to have options and I want to go to a big university.”

Holland also stated that he truly desires to go to an HBCU, historically black colleges and universities, and will be pursuing his bachelor’s degree in business administration and his master’s degree in sports administration,” he said.

When asked if he could meet any person of his choice, who would it be. Garrison said, Barack Obama.

“I would love to meet Barack Obama, I want to see how he felt as the first African-American president and how he dealt, internally, with all of the hate he’s had to endure and yet was able to keep pushing forward.”

When asked what motivates him, Holland said he is not only motivated by succeeding but is also motivated by his parents. “I hope to be successful one day and to be able to take care of my parents the way they have taken care of me.”

The soon-to-be high school graduate is a part of the Kappa League mentoring program for young male students and the Georgia College Early College program. He hopes to give back to his community one day by investing in places where people need it the most.

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