CLICK TO READ: Pair of arrest warrants issued at rivaling downtown convenience stores


In downtown convenience store news, a second Golden Pantry employee has been arrested for "pocketing money," while the Jet store by the river finally figured out who stole their donation jar.

Connie Tonekia Pack, pictured above at right, who's been booked at the county jail 10 times since 2009, was identified on security video as the person who stole the Jet store's "charity donation jar," which was raising money "to assist a fellow employee with medial bills due to a car accident earlier in the month of February," according to an incident report. 

An officer and a store manager "reviewed the CCTV footage and observed Pack enter the location at approximately (1:56 a.m.)" and ask "the employee on-duty to get something from the tobacco wall." Added the incident report: " At the exact moment the employee turned around, Pack reached out, grabbed the collection jar and then placed it inside of her coat."

The manager wished to press charges "due to the nature of the incident," and a a theft by taking warrant was issued for Pack's arrest, which would mark the fifth time in the last five years that Pack was arrested for theft.

On Wednesday, meanwhile, an officer was called out to the Golden Pantry in reference to alleged employee theft. "Heather Lee Nicole Carter had been seen on surveillance video pocketing money from returned items that were never sold," according to an incident report. Added the incident report: "(A store manager) stated Carter would grab Juul 4 pk and scan them as return even though they would never be sold to begin with while no one was around and pocket the money." The manager documented three different instances on three different dates, added the incident report. A warrant was issued for misdemeanor theft by taking.

It marked the second employee theft case at the Golden Pantry in a month. In February, Linda Ruth Wise, pictured below, was arrested for felony theft by taking and accused of ringing up customer,  "giving the customer the proper change, then waiting until the customer left (and) voiding the transaction on the register and pocketing the money for herself."

Thanks to a security camera right above the cash register, the general manager at the store was able to detect a pattern of theft among both of the employees. 

Wise is accused of being much more ambitious, however, as her theft added up to more than $1,500, which is the minimum threshold for felony theft by taking in the state of Georgia. 

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