Arrests made in separate Circle K gas pump calamities


A pair of felony arrests recently was made at separate Circle K convenience stores, respectively.

The most recent kerfuffle occurred last Tuesday evening around 9:30 at the Circle K across from the Carrington Woods Apartments. City officers responded after two women reportedly began swinging on each other and scratching at each other by the gas pumps. When the first officer arrived on the scene, he "noticed multiple pairs of shoes scattered across the parking lot" and a woman "with several scratches on her face along with blood on her vehicle and shirt." That woman – Greg'a Chondre Carswell, listed with a Wilinson County address – relayed to the officer that "while she was pumping gas, she was approached by a female named Jaquesha Phelps," adding that she and "Phelps repeatedly had issues in the past over an old relationship with a male subject." Carswell said that Phelps punched her first and that "they fought until they were broken up by friends and other subjects on the scene."

However, Carswell also "admitted she also drew and pointed a Smith and Wesson .38 caliber revolver at Phelps due to her fearing for her and her child's safety." 

Officers then watched security footage of the incident inside of the Circle K. Added the incident report: "The video showed Carswell and Phelps exchanging words across the parking lot then skips to the pair fighting near Carswell’s vehicle. After the altercation was broken up and Phelps walked back to her vehicle, Carswell was seen retrieving the handgun from her vehicle and pursuing Phelps while pointing the weapon at her. Phelps was seen taking cover behind her vehicle along with store clerk Brown who was also in the line of fire. A male subject was then seen grabbing Carswell and taking the weapon from her. All parties returned to their vehicles, and Carswell was seen using her vehicle to block Phelps from leaving. Carswell was then observed exiting her vehicle twice to instigate another altercation. My patrol vehicle was then seen entering the lot, and all subjects involved began to leave the area."


Carswell ultimately was handcuffed and arrested and charged with aggravated assault, reckless conduct and fighting/affray. Meanwhile, a fighting/affray warrant was issued for Phelps. 

Three days earlier, meanwhile, another Circle K gas pump altercation was reported, this time at the lakeside Circle K. A woman relayed to deputies that she was standing in line at the lakeside Circle K, looked outside by the gas pumps and spotted a stranger rummaging through her vehicle. The woman "then proceeded to run out to her car and remove the offender from her vehicle," according to an incident report.

Added the incident report: "(The victim) stated when the male exited the vehicle, he had her car keys in his hands. (The victim) stated she demanded the male return her keys, however he did not immediately return them. (The victim) stated when the male did not immediately return them, she physically removed them from his hands. (The victim) stated that while removing the keys from the male, she had to break them in order to remove them from him. (The victim) showed me her now broken set of car keys. (The victim) admitted to striking the male during the altercation. (The victim) stated the male then entered his blue Honda Accord and fled south on North Columbia Street."

Deputies "put a BOLO out for the offender and vehicle description." Later that same day, another 911 call was placed from the Lakeside Circle K, and a cashier said that the man was back again and in in a different vehicle. A deputy responded and made contact with the suspect, Raymond Neal Niblett. A dispatcher advised the deputy that Niblett's drivers license currently was suspended following a DUI. Numerous empty beer cans and a .22 caliber rifle were found in Niblett's truck. He ultimately was charged with felony entering auto and driving with a suspended license.

The Sheriff's Office has now arrested Niblett five times in the last two years, twice for DUI and twice for violating three times for driving with a suspended license, as well as the most recent driving with a suspended license and entering auto arrest.


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