Woman breaks into random man's apartment and cracks opens a beer, then yells at him for asking why


A man was relaxing in his downtown apartment on Saturday night around 8 o'clock when he heard a commotion.

He walked into the kitchen, looked up and spotted "an unknown female takings beers out of his refrigerator," according to an incident report. 

Added the incident report: "(The man) stated when he confronted the female, she threatened to strike him with the bottles before drinking them in the living room."

The beers were Land Sharks, and the man was listed with a Peachtree City address, both extremely strong indicators that he is definitely a college kid from the suburbs.

The man called 911, and an officer arrived. The woman was still sitting on the couch, according to an incident report. The officer asked the woman why she was in a stranger's apartment drinking beer on the couch, the woman "was unable to explain why."

The woman was identified as Heather Waddell, and she was charged with burglary. In the mean time, the officer also figured out that Waddell also had an active warrant out of Putnam County. 

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