New details from Waffle House drive-by


It's the second time in the last 25 months that a Milledgeville "House" has been shot up.

A handful of diners were eating fourth meal on Sunday night at the North Columbia Street Waffle House when gunshots rang out. Included among the hail of bullets was one that went through a store window, ricocheted and became lodged inside of a restaurant freezer, according to the incident report.

The incident occurred roughly 15 minutes prior to midnight.

Officers made contact with a man who "was inside his girlfriend's car when heard gunshots go off in the area." He ultimately realized that the vehicle "had been hit in the left tail light." 

Two projectile marks also were discovered in the brick facade outside of the building. All totaled, four "Giulio Fiocchi, Lecco, .9mm brass shell casings" were recovered from the roadway between Garrett Way and North Columbia Street. 

There are many other restaurants and business in that immediate area with cameras, and committing a drive-by shooting in the middle of the North Columbia Street/Garrett Way intersection isn't exactly the brightest and smartest criminal move.

In March 2020, meanwhile, there was a late-night shootout at the downtown Huddle House, with multiple men firing guns from both inside the restaurant and the parking lot. One man involved in that incident was fatally wounded.

Anyone with any information whatsoever is asked to call the Milledgeville Police Department "Tip Line" at 414-4413.

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