YOUR SEMI-DAILY CLETUS UPDATE: Cletus breaks out of his cell, leads authorities on foot chase


At this rate, Cletus might just end up in a pot with some carrots and potatoes.

Cletus, the viral goat from last weekend, escaped from his open-air jail cell on Wednesday afternoon, creating more chaos and mayhem. The cell was padlocked with an extra long chain, but Cletus didn't care.

"Luckily, a citizen that lived near the old (Animal Control building where Cletus' goat jail cell is) came and told me before I left work. He said that all he heard was 'BANG BANG BANG' and then a goat appeared and was running loose," Animal Control Senior Officer Summer Bilbrey told Baldwin2k News in an exclusive interview.

It's the second time in five days that Cletus has bolted. He scaled a 12-foot-tall fence at the old county jail on Saturday, not far from the basketball goal where the inmates used to hoop, before checking out Carrington Woods and North Jefferson Street.

Every time Cletus escapes from goat jail, he gets bolder and smarter. This time around, more than two hours were needed to apprehend him.

Cletus is now back behind bars in his cell, which now has another lock and less slack on the chain.

On Monday, the story appeared to have a happy ending, and a new home was found for Cletus way out in the country. It was a sprawling goat farm with nothing but female goats. By Tuesday morning, however, the owners of the farm had had enough of Cletus, and he was sent back to Animal Control.

Cletus was very happy when he was moved to his new home, and things were finally looking up for Cletus, but then he screwed it up.

If anyone is interested in adopting Cletus and taking on the challenge, call Baldwin County Animal Control at 445-5514.

"Just leave a message. We will definitely get back with you," said Summer Bilbrey

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