Deputies sorting out Saturday afternoon scene at Taylor's Cove


Three people were arrested following a relatively rowdy scene Saturday afternoon at Taylor's Cove restaurant on US 441 North near the Putnam County line.

All totaled, Derrick Allen Page, 40, was booked for two counts of battery and one count of disorderly conduct. Jennifer Brookins Bacon, 45, was booked for one count of fighting/affray and one count of disorderly conduct, while Damien Bacon was booked for one count of fighting/affray and one count of disorderly conduct.

Jennifer Bacon is Damien Bacon's mother.

Page is accused of striking both Damien Bacon and Bacon’s girlfriend in the face beside the hostess stand, according to a Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office incident report.

Added the incident report: “Upon watching the video footage of the fight, a male in a dark blue shirt, who was identified as Derrick Page, can be seen coming out of the bathroom. A male in a pink colored shirt, later identified as Damien Bacon, can be seen walking towards Derrick. As Damien walks towards Derrick, Derrick can be seen in the video cocking back his right arm and then striking Damien across the face, knocking him down on the ground, where he would remain for nearly thirty seconds. A female, later identified as (Damien Bacon's girlfriend), can be seen in the video trying to get in between the two. Derrick can be seen in the video taking his right hand and striking (the girlfriend) in the head, as well as pushing her."

The girlfriend "had scratches on her arms, as well as a bruise on her face, added the incident report.


That was part one of the incident. Part two occurred after deputies responded and Bacon's mother became involved, according to the incident report. Page was in the process of being interviewed by deputies when "(Jennifer Bacon) ran up behind (the deputies), cutting in between (the deputies) and trying to get to Derrick." Jennifer Bacon is accused of "acting aggressively towards law enforcement" and "striking Page in the face." That part occurred "on the balcony" of the restaurant. 

Added the incident report: "She then came at Derrick, trying to hit him while saying 'you lying (expletive expletive)." Two deputies "had to use minimal force to push the female back." Damien Bacon then came onto  the balcony and also had to be restrained by deputies, according to the incident report. Jennifer Bacon continued to "act in a belligerent manner" while continuing to yell "you lying (expletive expletive)."

Wrote one of the deputies in the report: "It should be noted that before Jennifer and Damien came onto the porch of the restaurant, myself and other deputies had the scene where the incident took place under control. In addition, we had both parties separated until Jennifer and Damien stormed onto the porch."


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