Pair of hit-and-run arrests recorded on the southside


Two hit-and-run arrests recently were recorded, including one that was helped solved by Facebook.

The phrase "Facebook detectives" has a negative connotation and is usually reserved for people who have no idea what they're talking about and should stick to their day jobs, but in this case "Facebook detectives" actually assisted the Milledgeville Police Department in finding a hit-and-run driver.

The incident occurred on May 7, while the victim was driving north on South Elbert Street near the Amoco station at the forks. According to an incident report, "an older model dark green car crossed all lanes of traffic and collided with her 2018 Nissan Sentra." The victim's vehicle was knocked completely off the road, while the green car continued north on Elbert Street.


Officers combed the area, while also reveiwing security video from the Amoco. Later that day, the victim posted her story and pics of her wrecked vehicle on the supersized Milledgeville Roadblock Warnings Facebook page. Three days later, the victim then contacted the MPD with a possible lead. The victim "stated she was reached out to by an anonymous female who stated she had observed a vehicle, which matched the description of the offender vehicle on her home’s cameras," according to an incident report. The tipster also gave an address for the green car with body damage. 

The MPD then responded to the address and made contact with Tamava Marielle Ransom, 42. Added an officer's narrative in the incident report: "Ransom understood why I was there and stated she had panicked after the collision and drove off. I advised Ransom I would add her information to the accident report, and she advised me her vehicle was hidden in the wooded area behind her residence. I located the dark green 1999 Honda Accord behind the residence. Extensive damage was observed on the passenger side of the vehicle and it was missing its passenger side view mirror."

Ransom was charged with hit-and-run, erratic lane change and improper backing.

On the same day as that hit-and-run, another hit-and-run also was recorded, this one also on the southside and less than a mile away. A man in a white Dodge Ram pickup truck caused an accident while attempting to turn off of South Wayne Street and onto Effingham Road by Dairy Queen. The victim wasn't having it, however, and decided to follow the pickup truck, which parked nearby at 107 Camilla Circle. She called 911, and officers responded. The suspect was in the yard when officers arrived, and he was administered a series of sobriety tests.

John Thomas Hanks, 82, was charged with DUI and hit and run.

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