Gunshots startle residents around Masseeville, Carrington Woods


Twenty-six shell casings were recovered in the vicinity of the North Jefferson Street Circle K early Thursday morning, startling the cashier and customers, while waking many nearby residents out of their sleep. 

Nineteen were rifle rounds, while the other seven were .40 caliber.


Also recovered was one Nike shoe and one food stamp card.

The cashier relayed to investigators that she was counting cigarettes and checking out a customer, according to the Milledgeville Police Department incident report. Added the report: "(The cashier) stated a black male wearing a yellow hoodie...came into the location and shoplifted a beer from the location. (The cashier) stated the male then left the location when she heard multiple gunshots go off in the area. (The cashier) stated she went straight to the bathroom and called 911."

The first customer who was interviewed relayed to investigators that "she was in the bathroom" when the shooting started and didn't see anything. Contact then was made with the shoplifter in the yellow hoodie, who stated that he was walking back to the Carrington Woods apartments when the shooting began and that he took off running. He told investigators that he "thought they were fireworks" and "did not know where the fireworks were coming from."

The shell casings were recovered just north of the Circle K, near the parking lot of the adjacent strip mall."

Anyone with any information is asked to call the MPD anonymous tip line at 414-4413.

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