City employees brawl, leave holes in the supervisor's office


A pair of municipal water department employees was handcuffed by Milledgeville Police Department officers and transported to the county jail, following a physical altercation at the Water Plant Thursday morning.

Also roughed up in the altercation was the supervisor's office. Destroyed was a window and a chair, while two different holes were put in the wall during the tussle.

Jamel Cooper and Brandon Earl Hunt were charged with one count each of affray/fighting and misdemeanor criminal trespass. Criminal trespass has several different subsections. In this case, criminal trespass is "maliciously interfering with the possession or use of property of another person without consent of that person."

Cooper previously filed an official grievance against Hunter, and Cooper became "irate" after the supervisor "dropped the grievance," according to an incident report. Cooper at some point hit Hunter with the ol' "I know where you live" line, and things escalated, according to the incident report.

Added an officer's narrative in the report: "Cooper said Hunter started to walk up on him pointing a figure at him and making threats. Cooper stated he went to put his arms up to protect himself when Hunter threw a punch at his face with a closed fist. Cooper said he then threw a punch back at Hunter with a closed fist and they began to wrestle and push each other in the office area, causing damage to the south side of the room."

The report continued: "I spoke with the victim/offender Hunter who stated Cooper approached him stating he knew where he lived and if he knew anyone who had a red hose in his yard. Hunter statedhe had a red hose in his front yard and felt threatened by Cooper. Hunter said Cooper kept telling him to meet him after work to handle business while approaching him. Hunter said Cooper kept getting closer and felt threatened by Cooper, so he punched Cooper to get him to back away. Hunter said he and Cooper began a physical altercation in the office area causing damage to the south side window and wall and the north side wall."

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