Keep ignoring state probation, go to prison


Quaizel Marvell Webb is what the legal system might call a "serial absconder."

Webb, however, apparently pressed his luck and absconded one too many times, and he's now headed off to state prison until 2025.

Judge Brenda Trammell handed down the sentence after reviewing the two revocation petitions filed by Department of Community Supervision Probation Officer Leandra Gordy.

Webb, 37, initially pleaded guilty in April 2019 for two counts of possession of methamphetamine and two counts of obstruction of an officer. During the arrest, Webb “became hysterical and began to resist,” according to an incident report. He ultimately sentenced to five years probation. He never followed through on several conditions of his probation, according to court documents, including the completion of the court-ordered Adult Treatment Court Collaborative program (ATCC), which is basically rehab.

The ATCC program's mission statement is "to serve this community by addressing the problems of individuals who have substance abuse, mental health or co-occurring disorders and have involvement in the criminal justice system. By eliminating a person’s desire to use drugs and alcohol and by stabilizing the symptoms of their mental illness, we reduce their likelihood of re-arrest or involvement in more serious cases. This reduces recidivism rates, reduces the overall crime rates and gives us all a safer community.

Webb once again was arrested the following year on the same charges – possession of methamphetamine and obstruction of an officer. He managed to avoid jail or prison time once again and once again was ordered to complete the ATTC program. He once again failed to do so, according to court documents, which is when Gordy filed the second petition, and Judge Trammell acted and revoked the balance of his probation to prison, which equals mid 2025.

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