Recapping Sunday's pro-choice rally downtown


A group of pro-choice activists gathered Sunday afternoon around the intersection of Wayne and Wilkinson streets.

The group, roughly 20 strong, was protesting the recent Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe V. Wade, essentially leaving the decision of how to govern abortion rights up to the states.

It was a peaceful protest with protestors of all ages participating. The protestors were shown support through honks and cheers by community members and law enforcement. Some community members donated snacks and water to the protestors.

Brandon Peacock said that he was on hand to support women's rights and support people like a member of his family, who chose to have an abortion several years ago.

Added Kendra Key: “I think men are the ones making these decisions about women’s bodies, and I think that men being silent is also being complacent in the problem.”

A pro-life activist came to peacefully engage with the protesters. He was carrying a briefcase with models of different stages of prenatal development. The man, who was named Francis Kennedy, said that he came to the protest because “I know a person that married that had an abortion, and she’s still messed up from it 38 years ago."

When asked about pregnancies that are life-threatening to the mother, he responded: “It’s a very low percentage on that, so if it was me and I was the lady, I’d rather the child live.”

The pro-choice protestors moved away from the counter-protestor after they debated their arguments.

The protest went off without much of an incident. The most backlash that the protestors experienced was some people shouting obscenities from car windows. Several locals on social media posted on Sunday that they were somewhat bothered by some of the signs in the crowd, several of which contained obscenities.

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