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Georgia College Alumna Launches Video Production Career

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If you had told Haley Fusia she would be capturing breathtaking helicopter scenes for a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) project, she might not have believed you. Yet at 27 years old, what used to be a dream is now a reality.

From an early age, Fusia was captivated by the world of film and television brought to life by Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros and other production companies. To foster her interest and love for the arts, she eagerly joined the St. Pius High School’s theatre and dance programs to tap into her creativity that one day, would fuel her career.

Her passion and love for the film industry was still burning when she enrolled at Georgia College and State University (GCSU) as a theater major in 2014. From photography courses to an internship with WSB-TV, ABC’s Atlanta affiliate, Fusia began developing a foundation for her future career in the video production industry and channeled her passion any way she could.

During her time at GCSU, Fusia heard about the Georgia Film Academy (GFA) from other students and quickly enrolled in the Introduction to Film and Television Production (GFA 1000) course.

GFA certification equips the next generation of film and television crews through coursework and on-set experience. The academy, a unique, statewide initiative operated under the auspices of the University System of Georgia, has resonated with leading Hollywood studios and production companies such as MGM and Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society.

In August 2018, her love for art and film took her across the sea to London where she attended Kingston University’s School of Art. For two years, Fusia took script writing, directing, sound and editing courses with a focus on cinematography within the fields of documentary and narrative fiction.

Upon her return to Georgia in 2020, Fusia continued taking courses at GCSU where she enrolled in the Film, Television and Digital Entertainment Internship (GFA 2000) course. She quickly began to hone the film and television production skills she learned abroad as she acquired additional, essential industry knowledge to kickstart her career.

“This program [GFA] not only equipped me with technical skills but also fostered trust which is a vital part of this industry,” said Fusia. “It was through this program that I gained the experience and confidence needed to pursue a career in entertainment.”

Through GFA, Fusia gained the interview experience needed to secure an internship in early 2020 at ECG Productions, an Atlanta video production, post-production and animation company. During her internship, she immersed herself in many facets of the industry including editing podcasts and as a production assistant, gaining invaluable experience.

“My bosses and professors were encouraging and that was necessary for me to dive into an industry I knew nothing about,” Fusia said. “The amount of hands-on experience I received from this program made a huge difference compared to sitting in a classroom.”

Since graduating, Fusia earned a full-time job at ECG Productions and has worked on more than 100 video projects for companies and clients including Kroger, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Newcastle United, Hermeus and more, with hopes of advancing at her company.

Without Fusia’s internship through GFA, she would not be celebrating her third year at ECG Productions as director of photography and post producer. She hopes future projects take her to similar heights as the helicopter operating role of the U.S. EPA project.

Her biggest piece of advice for aspiring production creators is to “start now. Just go out and create something with what you have. You don’t need any fancy equipment, just grab your phone, some family and friends and begin visually storytelling.”

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