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A woman who became a familiar face around the county jail in 2022 was arrested once again earlier this month.

The woman is Heather Lee Waddell, 27, listed with both an address in Hancock County and an address in Wilkinson County.

The first arrest occurred on April 9 of last year, when Waddell reportedly walked into an unknown man's apartment downtown, cracked open a beer from the man's refrigerator, sat down on the living room couch and became upset when the man asked her what she was doing, according to an incident report.

Added the incident report: "(The man) stated when he confronted the female, she threatened to strike him with the bottles before drinking them in the living room." The man called 911, and an officer arrived. The woman was still sitting on the couch, according to an incident report. The officer asked the woman why she was in a stranger's apartment drinking beer on the couch, the woman "was unable to explain why."

Waddell was arrested and charged with burglary. At some point, officers also realized that she had an outstanding warrant out of Putnam County.


The following month, a deputy spotted Waddell walking along the Gordon Highway "on the white fog line carrying what appeared to be an alcoholic beverage in her left hand. The deputy then stopped Waddell, who "had a hard time keeping her eyes open" and had "the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her breath.

At the time, according to the incident report, Waddell was wearing "two pair of shoes, two pair of blue well as two shirts." Once at the jail, Waddell was "not complying" and "interrupting the operations of the jail." She ultimately was charged with obstruction of an officer, public drunkenness and pedestrian under the influence.

In November, meanwhile, Waddell was arrested down in Wilkinson County and charged with shoplifting, possession of a Schedule II controlled substance, obstruction of an officer and crossing guard lines with weapons, intoxicants or drugs.

The following month, meanwhile, Waddell reportedly walked out of the Jet store by the Dairy Queen with two honey buns without paying. When confronted in the parking lot by an employee, Waddell said that she "would be back to pay." An officer ultimately wrote her a citation for shoplifting.

Finally, last Friday, Waddell ordered a chicken box from the Jet store by Georgia Military College and began "eating a piece of chicken in the corner." An employee "advised Waddell that she would have to pay for the meal." Waddell ultimately left the store and took off on foot. This time, she was arrested for theft by taking, as opposed to being issued a citation for shoplifting.

Waddell had no prior criminal history in Baldwin County prior to last spring.

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