Trio of county roads receive funding to be re-paved in '22


It's been a bumpy ride in recent years for people who live in the Old Plantation Drive neighborhood off of Ga. 212.


Now, however, the 1.8-mile-long road is scheduled to be re-paved in 2022. Two other roads also recently received approval by the County Commission for re-paving this year – Lowe Road, which is a cut-thru road between Meriwether Road and Ga. 212, as well as Montego Court, also located in northwest Baldwin County.

Those three respective roads were chosen by county engineers as the roads in most need of repair. The formula is based on a series of wonky road engineering terms that probably don't mean anything to most people:

  • pushing/rutting
  • load cracking/basse failure
  • block/transverse cracking
  • edge cracking
  • raveling 
  • bleeding/flushing
  • roughness
  • patching/potholes

The three 2022 re-paving projects will cost $793,941. The breakdown of that cost is a 70 percent match from the Department of Transportation ($610,724) and 30 percent from the county government ($183,217). Once the DOT sets the amount of Local Maintenance & Improvement Grant (LMIG) funding for Baldwin County each year, the County Commissioners then decides how far that money will stretch, and which roads will be re-paved.

Old Plantation Drive scored a 14 on the county's Pavement Condition Rating (the lower the score the better), while Lowe Road and Montego Court scored 15s, respectively.

Here are other county roads that scored a 15 and will be in line for re-paving at some point in the more recent future:

  • Lawrence Road
  • Meriwether Lane
  • Russell Drive
  • Pineaway Drive
  • Admiralty Way
  • Stewart Avenue
  • Highview Road
    • Montpelier Road
    • Erin Shore Drive
    • Forrest Hill Road 

    Meanwhile, here are the county roads that scored a 16 and will be win line for re-paving eventually:

    • Hardwick Street 
    • Main Street 
    • Ellis Street 
    • Pineview Road 
    • Smith Street 
    • Merry Lane/Court 
    • Wright Street 
    • Park Avenue 
    • Sinclair Dam Road 

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