New poll indicates a likely Kemp/Perdue GOP runoff


A recent poll offers plenty of new context and perspective leading up to the May 24 Republican primary for Governor.

The venerable Quinnipiac University polling service "shows a competitive race with 43 percent of likely Republican primary voters backing incumbent Governor Brian Kemp and 36 percent backing former Senator David Perdue."

The entire methodology of the Quinnipiac poll can be viewed by CLICKING HERE. A total of 666 "likely Republican voters" responded.  The telephone survey was a combination of cell phone and landline calls and conducted between Jan. 19 through Jan. 24. "Responses are reported for 1,702 self-identified registered voters with a margin sampling error of +/– 2.4 percentage points," according to the surveyors.

•••Quinnipiac University Poll // Jan. 19 through Jan. 24

However, the fact that Kemp is below 50 percent in the poll has to be at least somewhat worrisome for his campaign. All candidates for public office in the May 24 primary must receive a majority of the vote, regardless of how slim, to avoid a runoff. Perdue already has been endorsed by Donald Trump, while fellow Republican candidate Vernon Jones, polling at 10 percent, also would be considered a Trump loyalist, and Jones is someone who previously spent months seeking Trump's official endorsement. That endorsement ultimately went to Perdue, however. Kandiss Taylor, currently polling at 4 percent, also would be considered a Trump enthusiast and loyalist. A potential GOP runoff between Kemp and Perdue, which would be held June 21, would equal a large number of Jones and Taylor primary voters coming over to Perdue (the Trump vote).

The recent Quinnipiac poll actually included the Trump factor. According to the poll's results:

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed both Herschel Walker and David Perdue in the Republican primary races. Half (50 percent) of likely Republican primary voters say if Trump endorses a candidate, it does not make a difference to them, 44 percent say they are more likely to vote for that candidate, and 5 percent say they are less likely to vote for that candidate.

The same Quinnipiac poll recorded Kemp's approval rating as governor, among all respondents, at 42 percent and his disapproval rating at 49 percent. 

Among registered Republicans polled in the survey, "inflation" was the most "urgent issue" at 34 percent, followed by "election laws" at 18 percent and "crime" at 16 percent. 

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