Arrests made after tenants reportedly abandon puppies


A landlord recently drove to a home on South Elbert Street to evict three tenants. When he arrived, none of the residents were inside.

What was inside, however, were four puppies that "appeared to be 'skin and bones,'" according to a Milledgeville Police Department incident report. The puppies were locked in one bedroom, while an adult dog was locked in another. "No food or water were found in any of the rooms," added the report. The landlord "smelled urine and feces" from the front porch before attempting to go inside, added the report.

Animal Control arrived, followed by an MPD officer. The landlord relayed to officers that a neighbor told hm that the tenants hadn't been "at the location for over a week" and it appeared as if "they had abandoned the property."

The "animals appeared to be severely underweight and neglected," added the incident report.

Later arrested was Rebekah Anne Dill, who was charged with five counts of cruelty to animals, one for every dog, as well Austin Lee McElrath, 23, who was charged with five counts of animal cruelty, as well as probation violation. Similar warrants were issued for Bruce Edward Dill, who hadn't been arrested yet as of earlier this week.

The rental home is located along the far south end of South Elbert Street, closer to the Milledgeville Manor.

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